Brats Written and filmed January, 1930. Released by MGM, March, 1930. Produced by Hal Roach. Directed by James Parrott. Two reels.
Cast: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy   

STORY: Stan and Ollie try to relax at home with friendly games of checkers and pool, but their mischievous sons (also played by L&H) demand most of their attention. After breaking a vase and chasing a mouse with a shotgun, the youngsters settle down to bed, having left the bath water running. After the dads' unsuccessful attempts at singing the kids to sleep, Oliver Jr. demands a glass of water. His father opens the bathroom door, and the film ends with the ensuing flood.


JL: I think all Laurel and Hardy fans love this film. Interesting that Stan Jr. and Ollie Jr. are already more savvy than their dads. And just what was the living relationship between the two families??

JB: What's not to love? And were the wives the same ones they had in Twice Two? I like to think so. Some people have said that having L&H portray themselves as kids takes their basic premise too literally, but then again, some people have to fill up a lot of space in books, and so they say a lot of silly things. 

JL: God, that animated mouse annoyed me so much when I was a kid! Back then, I used to think (though I wouldn't have worded it this way), "It's a three-second cutaway to a mouse!  Couldn't they get a real mouse for one lousy shot?"  But now I'm glad they didn't, and I look forward to the cheesy animated mouse every time I watch the film.  Much more amusing than any real or computer-generated mouse could ever be.

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