Written and filmed August-September, 1928. Released by MGM, December, 1928. Produced by Hal Roach. Directed by Leo McCarey. Two reels.
Cast: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Bess Flowers, Vivien Oakland, Kay Deslys, Vera White, George Kotsonaros.

STORY: The Boys tell their wives they have a business engagement, then sneak off to a poker game. En route, they stop to help two young ladies with a flat tire, and wind up splattered with mud. The girls invite them up to their apartment while their clothes dry, and all proceed to get roaring drunk. A boyfriend appears, sending L&H scrambling out the back window, in full view of their wives.

JB: Another film in the same vein as Should Married Men Go Home? and Their Purple Moment --- Laurel and Hardy exploring the ever fascinating world of married life.  Like Their Purple Moment, this is a fine, average short and has some wonderful moments, especially the scenes of the one of the floozies playing with Stan's adam's apple, a gag later repeated in their sound short Scram!, but overall , We Faw Down is most important as a stepping stone to some of their later classic films, especially SONS OF THE DESERT and BLOCK-HEADS.

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