Also known as "The Slippery Pearls" (UK)
Released in the US by Paramount and National Screen Service in 1931 (1932 in The United Kingdom). Directed by William McGann. Two reels

Cast includes Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Wallace Beery, Buster Keaton, Edward G. Robinson, Our Gang, Norma Shearer, Hedda Hopper, Joan Crawford, Victor McLaglen, El Brendel, Cary Cooper... the list goes on and on!

STORY: Norma Shearer's jewelry has been stolen, and detectives are on the case!

  The Stolen Jools was an All-Star promotional short intended to raise funds for the National Variety Artists tuberculosis sanitarium.  Stars from all over Hollywood, seemingly regardless of studio, showed up to do their bit in what resembles to a two-reel forerunner to IT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD, with performers popping up in scenes, doing their comic bits and quickly disappearing.  Laurel and Hardy appear early in this all-star short as assistants to detective Eddie Kane. The boys and Kane drive to Norma Shearer's house, whereupon their Model T falls apart. Ollie tells Stan, "I told you not to make that last payment!"

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