Oliver the Eighth WWritten and filmed December, 1933 - January, 1934. Released by MGM, February, 1934. Produced by Hal Roach. Directed by Lloyd French. Three reels.

Cast: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Mae Busch, Jack Barty. 

STORY: Barbers Laurel and Hardy both answer a personal ad from a wealthy widow in search of a husband. The widow turns out to be a homicidal maniac who has murdered seven husbands, each named Oliver. Naturally, she chooses Ollie for her next victim. The Boys spend a terror-filled night in the widow's mansion. Just as the widow's knife is about to find its way into Ollie's throat, he awakens in a barber chair to find Stan shaving him; the entire experience has been a dream.


JB:  As empty as a politician's promise.  How curious it is that they seem to follow their classics with really sub-par efforts. Perhaps they ran out of energy for a short or two?

JL: About the only praise I can afford this hollow effort is that is moves better than The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case. But it's equally unfunny. 

Copyright © 2012 John Larrabee, John V. Brennan

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