Written and Filmed April 1936.  Directed by Charles Parrott (aka Charley Chase) and Harold Law. Released June 1936.  Two Reels.

Cast: Charley Chase, Rosina Lawrence, Bonita Weber, Clarence Wilson, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy.

STORY: Back at the office after a disastrous vacation, Charley relates his tales of woe to his co-workers.

JB: One of Charley Chase's last short films before parting ways with Hal Roach and moving onto Columbia Studios, On The Wrong Trekis a pleasant concoction of situations, sight gags and music with a cute cameo by Laurel and Hardy as hitchhikers.  By this time, Laurel and Hardy had (relunctantly) left two-reelers behind and were now solely doing features, but in true Roach Lot tradition, they always had time to do a favor for a pal like Chase, who had worked so memorably with The Boys previously in their first true classic feature, SONS OF THE DESERT

    Chase himself never made the leap from shorts to features.  Hal Roach attempted to make a Chase feature with his next film, Neighborhood House, but was dissatisfied with it and edited down to a two-reeler. Chase then was cast in the Patsy Kelly feature KELLY THE SECOND but never had a true feature film of his own.  He moved onto Columbia where he not only appeared in his new series of shorts, but also directed shorts for other comics, such as The Three Stooges and Andy Clyde.