American TV
December 1954
Cast: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Ida Laurel, Lucille Hardy, Vivian Blane, Leo McCarey, Ralph Edwards

      In the 1950's, Laurel and Hardy had plans to appear in television comedies, either as a regular series or a series of specials. Unfortunately, touring plans and health problems kept these projects from getting off the ground. Their only network TV appearance came on December 1, 1954 on NBC's This Is Your Life, in which host Ralph Edwards would surprise a celebrity guest each week with a half-hour retrospective of their lives. This time it was Laurel and Hardy's turn. 

     Friends and co-workers from The Boys' past were trotted out for a series of teary-eyed, nostalgic embraces. The Boys are polite and charming throughout, though they leave most of the talking to  Edwards. Some of the choices of guests may be questionable (why Vivian Blaine instead of Charlie Hall or Anita Garvin, for instance?), but the appearance of Leo McCarey, who is often credited as the person who first thought to team Laurel with Hardy (and vice versa), was certainly appropriate.